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During game week the staff at Dawg News Daily previews the matchup between the Bulldogs and their opponent. We focus in on 3 key position matchups or players that we believe will be the difference makers in Saturdays game. DAWG NEWS DAILY'S 3 & OUT REPORT:

1) UGA RUN GAME: While Florida's defense is susceptible to deep passing plays (See LSU & Tennessee Games), expect the Dawgs to use a similar offensive game plan they used against Auburn. Florida's front 4 are as good as any in the SEC, the issue is the depth at that position. Expect a ground & pound game from Edwards, Milton, & McIntosh to wear down the Gator front. This will likely setup the chunk plays that Kirby always looks for in games. Linebackers will creep more and more towards the line to help against the Run and thus leaving the defensive backs on an island. If the Georgia can stick with the run game early, expect it to pay off dividends late.


If you want to shutdown this UF offense the key is stopping the run on early downs and forcing AR into obvious passing situations. See last season when the Dawgs forced Richardson into throwing downs late in the 1st half and caused all kinds of defensive disruptions along with a Pick 6 from Nakobe Dean.

Expect the Gators to establish the Run early and put Richardson in play action pass mode where he finds most of his success in the air. Right Guard O’Cyrus Torrance is UF’s best Run Blocker. He sat out against LSU, but If he can go it will be a test for UGA’s defensive line. Florida runs behind him a lot and he is solid in pass-protection. UGA Defensive lineman Jalen Carter is likely to miss this game with a MCL injury. He would typically be a force in the middle against this above average Florida o-line.

Expect Georgia to keep a "spy" in the middle of the field to watch for designed runs from Richardson. The Florida QB also likes to run when a pass play breaks down. Georgia's defensive backs typically play man defense, so on pass plays they have their heads away from the backfield. Contain Richardson's running ability, You win the game.

If Florida cannot run for good yardage consistently on early downs this game has the potential to get out of hand in a hurry. Richardson is arguably the most talented player on the field, If he can create big plays, The Gators have a shot... If he cant utilize his legs.. Well expect a long day for the Gators!

3) Brock Bowers/Darnell Washington: These 2 tight ends get so much pub for their pass catching skills and just not enough credit on their run blocking, especially Washington. When Georgia has a short yardage situation, Expect Big 0 name to be called to run behind. He's an absolute road grader on Defensive backs and linebackers. In the first game of the season, Utah used Tight Ends to help with the run game and gave the Utes much success. Expect more of the same from the Dawgs. With AD Mitchell likely to be out again this week with a high ankle sprain, The focus in the pass game with start with the tight ends. If the Wide Receivers (Blaylock/McConkey) in the slot can string together a few catches, expect that to open un the seams where both Bowers and Washington will look to live on Saturday.

DND's Score Prediction:

Georgia: 41-13 (Line: Georgia -22.5)

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