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During game week the staff at Dawg News Daily previews the matchup between the Bulldogs and their opponent. We focus in on 3 key positions or players that will be the difference makers in Saturdays game..

The Bulldogs are returning home off a 43-14 win versus Tennessee while South Carolina had the week off. The Gamecocks limp into this game with a 2-3 record but have a little bit of wind under their sails with a 24-7 victory over Kentucky. This game last year was as hyped as an SEC east matchup could get. Georgia proved they were ready for the national stage, while Carolina fell apart early in the game and lost 41-16. The gamecocks lost their starting QB on the last play of the first game of the season. Backup and true freshman Ryan Hilinkski has proven to be an adequate fill in for Jake Bentley.


1) Offensive Line: Georgia has the most talented offensive line in the country. Notice I didn't say the best. It takes time for groups to gel together and with the injuries to Isaiah Wilson and Solomon Kindley has maybe hindered this group to meeting its high expectations. Georgia will face 8 and 9 in -the-box defenses the rest of the season and the Dawgs will need to run the ball on obvious run downs. Also as we noted in previous weeks, UGA showed some weaknesses against twists and stunts up front during pass downs. The O-line will have a test up the middle against South Carolina's DT Javon Kinlaw. The gamecocks held the Wildcats to an underwhelming 115 yds on the ground. It will be interesting to see how the Dawgs attack the teeth of the South Carolina Defense on the ground

2) Defensive Backs: Depth in the defensive backfield showed its benefits against Notre Dame in week 4. Georgia beat the #7 team in the nation without their top 2 cornerbacks. Are there many other teams that could say this? Divaad Wilson, Tyrique Mcgee, and DJ Daniel were able to step up and limit the Irish's downfield passing attack. Stokes looks to be back at practice this week but Tyson Campbell is still dinged up but looks like he may give it a go this weekend. Kirby and company will need to tighten up their coverage in the short game. Georgia seemed vulnerable on the back end in the game against UT when bringing pressure. Slants over the middle and the one deep ball are sure to be shots the Gamecocks will look to take from UT's gameplan.

3) Wide Receivers: Georgia has still been pretty vanilla in their passing game ,especially when it comes to attacking defenses downfield. Kirby mentioned he would like to open the offense more in last week's Monday press conference. The Bulldogs haven't shown any post routes down field and surprisingly haven't thrown the slant out of RPO formations when facing man-to-man on the outside. Carolina has been suspect-able to the pass giving up over 400+ yards and 6 touchdowns to Tua Tungviola and Alabama back in week 3. Look for UGA to continue their uptempo style of play in this game and wear down the Gamecocks. Quick outs to Cager, Blaylock, and Simmons will help open up the defense and give looks to Pickens and Robertson down field!

DND's Score Prediction:

UGA 38-20 (Line: -23)


-Former QB David Greene: 31-17 DAWGS

-Former OL Ian Knight: 45-17 DAWGS

-Former OL Steve Herndon: 48-10 DAWGS

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