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During game week the staff at Dawg News Daily previews the match up between the Bulldogs and their opponent. We focus in on 3 key positions or players that will be the difference makers in Saturdays game..


1) Defensive Front 7: UK is a zone read team, meaning the QB is going to read the Defensive End first and if then decide to hand off or carry. UGA still showed some issues with broken tackles and run plays against Florida, but eventually put Florida in long 3rd down situations. UK is a one-dimensional team with the run, but they are very good at it! If UGA can keep their ground game in check and force the wildcats QB in tough passing situations. It could be a short night for UK. But if the defensive line and line backers aren't able to have "knock-back tackles" and get some negative plays for the Wildcats, then expect this game to go down to the wire.

2) Offensive Line: Kentucky has a senior laden defensive line that has played well together and get a lot of natural push from their front four. UK has yet to give up over 20 pts this season. That also includes games against Florida, Miss st., and Texas A&M. Andrew Thomas got injured again during last weeks game, but was able to come back and play. Ben Cleveland is currently running with the 2nd team at practice and may be available in an emergency. Got a feeling we'll see him against Auburn. Jake Fromm was only sacked one-time against Florida and gave him some good pockets and passing lanes. UGA will want to use their power package in the run game to help open up the play-action pass. If UGA can avoid loss yardage plays and run the ball a little bit to keep UK 's front honest it will be a good game for this unit.

3) 3rd Down:UGA built up a lot of confidence against Florida last week., especially on 3rd down. UGA was 8/14 on 3rd down and scored four (3 pass, 1 run) touchdowns. UK has a good pass rush with long arm defensive backs behind them. Screens and mis-direction plays will slow down their rush. If UGA can get some positive yards on first and second down and then put Fromm and company in manageable 3rd downs it will be a nice ball control game.


Look back at UGA's defense this year. While they haven't been the squad of last year, but they have taken away what their opponents do best. Missouri (Locke zero touchdowns and 1 int), Florida (only 160+ yards), and South Carolina (56 yards rushing) all were held in check with what they were trying to accomplish. With UK wanting.. and having to run the ball, expect Mel Tucker and company to find ways to limit the big runs and do their best to control what should be a raucous crowd in Lexington. Fromm looked like his old-self last week with 240 yards passing and 3 tds. Expect him to lead the charge against the tough UK defense. UGA will want to run the ball but expect the wide receivers to play a big part as they did against Florida. Ultimately, UGA pulls away from the Cats in the 2nd half and a deflated UK team doesn't have one last charge to come back.

DND SCORE: 24-13


-Former QB David Greene: 24-10

-Former OL Ian Knight: 31-13 Dawgs

-Former RB Danny Ware: Still too Superstitious to pick game

-Former OL Steve Herndon: 42-24 Dawgs


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