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3 & OUT REPORT - Good Old Fashion Hate Edition

During game week the staff at Dawg News Daily previews the match up between the Bulldogs and their opponent. We focus in on 3 key positions or players that will be the difference makers in Saturdays game..


1) Linebackers-

This group will need to trust its eyes. This is an important task every week, but especially against Georgia Tech. There's a lot of misdirection run plays that demand the linebackers to make plays. In this game last year, Roquan Smith was an animal! He had a total of 8 tackles and 1 sack. The group of linebackers combined for 24 over tackles. The linebackers from last year had a lot of experience seeing the triple-option over the years. We have documented throughout the year that this groups is young. But they do have a few seniors who have been in these types of battles. Juwan Taylor, Natrez Patrick, and D'Andre Walker are seasoned guys who are used to this battle who will need to step up and stop the pitch outside. The more hits on a QB the better! The scheme last year had the inside linebackers crash the middle between the guards and force plays outside. The let the other backers run sideline to sideline and clean up the plays. One thing about the UGA defense is they are fast. Expect them to be ready to use it to their advantage.

2) Defensive Backs

A new rule this year in college football which favors UGA this week is there is no blocking below the waist from wide receivers 5 yards down field. When running this kind of offense the cornerbacks & safeties are asked to make a lot of plays. With offensive lineman, wide receivers, and other backs flying at their legs it can be tough. JR Reed and Richard Lecounte proved to be big factors in last years game. This group will need to be careful of the pass as well. Tech is averaging around 9 passes a game this year , but in a rivalry and arguably their super bowl expect Tech to pull out all stops if its a close game

3) 3rd Down Defense

When thinking of Georgia Tech's offense, I think about the pressure it puts on a defense on 3rd down! UGA will need to make stops on 3rd downs that are 5 or more yards. This typically brings out their punt team. If GT can get a push up front, it will tend to go for it on 4th and short. There are limited opportunities on offense for the Bulldogs because GT offense chews up so much of the clock. If the defense is able to stop drives and force punts. Its a win for the offensive side of the ball too!

Game/Score Prediction:

The yellow jackets start of the season got off to a rough start with a 3-4 record, Georgia Tech is now on a 4 game winning streak which is always impressive... BUT, The best team they have beaten in that stretch is a 7-4 Virginia in OT. UGA's offense looks like it has hit its stride in the past couple games. Expect UGA to run the ball and control the clock as well. This will help keep their defense fresh. Georgia will look to get out to a quick lead and keep Tech at bay during the 1st half. If its close at half, expect a tight game... if not expect that 17 point favorite to be hit. UGA is the better team and will do their best to send the 25 seniors out with a win!

SCORE: 45-21 UGA

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