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During game week the staff at Dawg News Daily previews the matchup between the Bulldogs and their opponent. We focus in on 3 key position matchups or players that we believe will be the difference makers in Saturdays game.

DAWG NEWS DAILY'S 3 & OUT REPORT: Here we are! Georgia is back in the National Championship game 1 year later after winning their first title in 40+ years! For the older fans, this feels like a dream. For the younger fans, Enjoy the ride! Georgia comes into Monday's night matchup against TCU as an overwhelming -13 point favorite. The Bulldogs expect to have to battle the entire 60 minutes to capture back to back National Titles, a feat that has been accomplished since Alabama did in 2011-12.


TCU Runs a 3-3-5 Defense. Which means 3 Lineman, 3 Linebackers, and 5 Defensive backs. Similar to what Baylor used to run while Head Coach Matt Rhule was there. At first thought, the common fan would think to Run the ball at the 3 man line. While we agree, The zone blocking schemes that UGA's line runs can cause some confusion when seeing this kind of defensive front. Especially with just one week of practice time. The three-headed monster of Edwards/McIntosh/Milton combined for 16 carries for 154 yards against Ohio State. Georgia seemed to have a game plan of letting it fly on Saturday night and never looked back, even after the success they showed on the ground. We believe this rushing attempt number doubles on Monday night. Georgia will look to control the clock and work to keep TCU's offense off the field similar to the game plan against Tennessee. TCU is not particularly big on the Edge so expect UGA to run at them especially if Darnell Washington is healthy enough to play. He basically is a 2nd Tackle when inserted into the Run game. UGA's Run game will play a big part on Saturday night.

2) UGA Front Seven:

TCU did their damage in their semifinal matchup against Michigan on the ground. TCU combined for 263 yards on 41 carries. Running back Emari Demercado led the Horned Frogs with 17 carries for 150 yards. Heisman Runner up Max Duggan contributed with 57 yards and 2 touchdowns. The Bulldogs had issues containing OSU QB CJ Stroud as he scrambled for 34 yards but this is misleading as rushing yards are included when QBs are sacked (Dawgs sacked Stroud 4 times). Duggan's strength is he knows how to scramble. Expect TCU to work up some quarterback-run game and keeping-him-in-the-pocket to help utilize his scrambling when a play breaks down. Georgia's front seven is physical and fast. Attacking them by the run will be a tough task for the Horned frogs. Attacking Georgia is by the Air (see LSU and OSU), Duggan has only exceeded 300 passing yards 4 times this season against Power 5 opponents.

3) Brock Bowers Bowers had a "quiet" night by his standards against Ohio State with 4 catches for 64 yards. Bowers is arguably the most talented player on the field Monday night. UGA will need to look to target Bowers early and often. He's a mismatch nightmare for both defensive backs with his size and linebackers with his speed. The health of Darnell Washington will play a major part, as the Bulldogs will have to utilize Bowers in the run game for blocking purposes if Washington is unable to go. Expect Monken to have #18 highlighted on his play-calling sheet Monday night.

DND's Score Prediction:

Georgia: 34-17 (Line: Georgia -13)

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