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During game week, the staff at Dawg News Daily reviews the matchup between the Bulldogs and their opponent and finds 3 key positions or players that will be difference makers in Saturdays game..

It's Missouri week! The last time these 2 teams played, the bulldogs were only 4 yards short of putting up 700 yards of total offense! Yes, that's not a typo, 700 YARDS!!! Jake Fromm threw for 326 yards and it was somewhat of a breakout game for D'andre Swift as he was the lead back with 94 yards. The defense was tested early as Emanuel Hall got behind the defense twice for long touchdown catches.


1) Wide Receivers- Saturday should be a huge day for this group. Last year, Missouri tried different ways to put pressure Jake Fromm which put their defensive backs on an island. Godwin, Ridley, and Mecole all feasted! Look for a lot of slant routes and for Fromm to look undearneath early in the game to put pressure on the linebackers who will be wanting to load up on the run. Mecole, Crumpton, and possibly Godwin (if healthy) could be the beneficiary of these balls. Once the DB's start looking in is when you will see the deep ball. This could be the game we see Robertson on some fly routes.

2) Jake Fromm-

Jake looked a little panicky against MTSU. Several times He seemed hesitant to throw the deep ball and almost paid the price for holding the ball too long as he avoided a near safety. We cant tell if he is trying to be too safe with the ball as Coach Smart has expressed how important ball security is OR he knows one too many miscues and the talented freshman Justin Fields is waiting in the wings. Either Way, Fromm should be salivating in the film room this week. He is facing a Missouri defense who gave up 37 points and 572 yards passing to Purdue last week. Fromm also had his best statistical game last season against the tigers so his confidence will be high. We are expecting a bounce back game for Fromm as he should go over 300+ yards this week.

3) Defensive Line-

A lot has been made about the lack of pressure the bulldogs have put on opposing quarterbacks. The Bulldogs actually have just one sack through three games this season, ranking them last in the nation (128th) in sacks. That stat seems a little unfair as South Carolina and MTSU run a spread type offense that predicated on getting the ball out quick. Well in week 4, the bulldogs face another spread type offense that will look to dink and dunk to setup the deep ball. The defense will be important in this game but not to sack the quarterback, but to close the pocket and make potential 1st round draft pick Drew Locke uncomfortable. The Dawgs will need Julian Rochester, Jonathon Ledbetter, and Tyler Clark to be the difference makers on the defensive side.

Game/Score Prediction:

Georgia's game plan is going to be very similar to the adjustments they made in last years game. On Defense, They will keep everything in front them and limit the explosive plays (15+ yards). Georgia leads the nation in limiting Explosive plays, just allowing 2 this year. The next best is Alabama with 12. On Offense, The Bulldogs will want to establish the run with Holyfield and Swift. Missouri's secondary just got torched for 500+ yards last week and UGA's wide receivers will look to put up big numbers. We expect the game to be close in the 1st half but for the Bulldogs to get some stops in the second half with Missouri not able to keep up with UGA's potent offense.

Score: UGA 55-27


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