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At a 2nd Glance: UGA/South Carolina

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*Beck seems to have some Happy feet early. Not letting plays develop and getting locked in on 1st option.

*UGA had the ball one possession in the 1st quarter. Hard to find rhythm there... New clock rules have certainly shortened the game... and added more commercials.

*Dawgs are happy to have Daijuan Edwards back. Such an under-appreciated back. Does all the little things and moves the chains.

*Truss had to bump out to Right tackle after Amarius Mims got injured. Took some time to get settled but Truss looked good in 2nd half.

*Mims walked by after injury. He's a mountain of a man. Dawgs will need to hope for a quick recovery on the ankle.

*RaRa Thomas is learning the playbook and earning some time. Looks good in the 2nd half and seemed to be a spark for the offense.

*Beck Missed Rosemy-Jacksaint twice which would of been for big gains. One was a deep ball in the 2nd qtr (Jacksaint jogged off field pretending he caught the ball) and the 2nd was a crossing route that beck gave up on and moved on to another option. Beck eventually threw ball away and missed a wide open receiver across the middle.

*Mykel Williams was an animal in the 2nd half. Getting pressure almost on every pass play.

*Peyton Woodring will be singing for his soup this week in practice. The Bulldogs missed out on 6 points this weekend which are typically sure things inside the 40 yard line. Kicking in front of 100,000 vs. Practice seems to be a bit different

*RB Kendall Milton had a knee injury in the 2nd half and missed the rest of the game. Smart thinks he's ok, But another tough blow to t a talented back that seems to find the injury bug.

*David Daniel-Sisavahn struggled some in relief of injured Javon Bullard. South Carolina hit a couple of plays against him with one being in a mismatch situation and the other where he just blew the coverage. Bullard will be needed soon.

*Tykee Smith looks very similar to a Christopher Smith of last season. Very physical and effective safety.

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