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After Further Review - Dawgs/Vols

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*This is the 2nd game where Trey Hill has struggled with high snaps. Giving away touchdowns is one way to keep an underdog in the game.

*Kicking the ball out of bounds is probably the best play there by Stetson. He thought he had time to pick up the ball and scrambled.

*Stetson Bennett seems to look over the middle for his down field throws, trouble area for some QB's. Fromm always looked hash-mark out...

*Bennett will need to be careful not to leave receivers or backs out to dry, McIntosh gets popped early on by a safety just waiting on him.

*UGA Defense is so quick sideline to sideline... Defensive backs tackle so well in space.

*McIntosh is such a smooth runner and hits openings hard. Zamir White seems to dance a bit and keeps his eyes to the ground.

*Helmet to Helmet hit by Tennessee linebacker wasn't necessary and could have just pushed Bennett down to get message across.

*Why does it drive me crazy to see Stetson Bennett without his chinstrap buckled?

*McIntosh is a nice option in the passing game. Catches ball well. Almost puts one in the endzone...

* Georgia Seems content lining up and playing it "straight" early on. Not many blitzes, just kind of seeing what Tennessee wants to do...

*Bennett's arm is pretty average but he seems to put the ball where it needs... Monken's offense is based more on timing

*UGA's O-line needs to put the ball in the endzone when on the goal line... Zamir White doesn't help the matter by going low instead of leaping or even bouncing it outside which was wide open.

*UGA's Defensive line shift bothers every team and gets Tennessee 2-3 times for false starts.

*The George Pickens- Squirt Water Bottle incident is flat out immature. Pickens is an emotional player that benefits the dawgs at times, but also can hurt the Dawgs. Pickens will need to learn lessons and I'm sure Coach Smart will help with that during practice this week.

*Monty Rice had a great game! tackling in space, 2 sacks and a scoop and score...

*Milton runs very hard! Will need to work on protecting the ball, because he looks for contact when he runs.

*Raise your hand if you had Kearis Jackson as your leading receiver this season??? No one???

*Vols had some give up in them once the Dawgs scored to push the lead to 30-21.

*Cade Mays update: The speed of UGA exposed him on several plays. Adam Anderson and even Channing Tindall on some blitzes caught the transfer off balanced.

*Dawgs wore down the Vols in 4th qtr. The battle of attrition definitely favored the Dawgs depth.

*Jalen Carter is a freak!!! 305lbs defensive tackle along with a goal line fullback. TRUE FRESHMAN!!!

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