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After Further Review: UGA/Alabama

Zamir White's 57 yards on 10 carries weren't enough on Saturday. Photo by Skylar Lien

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*Dawgs get a break on first defensive play of the game with a Richard LeCounte Interception. Lecounte may of trapped the ball but no camera angle could clearly call it. Great start for Dawgs!

*In a nostalgic move, Stetson Bennett is picked off by a defensive lineman 3 plays later. If you recall in the 2017 national championship game, Fromm was picked off just one play later after a Dawgs turnover by a defensive lineman.

*Bennett's eyes and height are becoming an issue as defensive lineman are batting balls down since they are unable to get a good pass rush.

*Offensive lineman should make Bama D-line pay for leaving their feet...

*UGA's safeties getting caught in on-on-one situations with Bama's speedy wide receivers is a mismatch. UGA gambled with a corner blitz and got burned for a touchdown.

*UGA answered with a nice run heavy drive a few drives later to answer. All backs seem to have a nice burst at point of contact. Zamir capped it off with a 10 yard TD Run.

*Every UGA fan patted themself on the back when they saw James Cook motion out of the backfield and catch the deep touchdown pass. "Why don't we do that all the time!" heard around dawgnation... Great play design matching up a linebacker with speedy Cook.

*Another batted ball at the line of scrimmage... Death, Taxes, and batted balls

*Short Crossing patterns by X-Receivers are open all night... SBIV looking down field and throwing into tight coverage instead of the nice dump pass for a guarantee 10 yards... Make the game easy...

*I don't like the look of Kirby getting his guys off the field at halftime. Makes it look like you got a call and getting out of dodge... Came back to bite him as half the team was standing in the tunnel during the kick.

*Btw, At Alabama the clock is going to work in the home team's favor...

*Jermaine Burton had a tough game. Big time game for a True Freshman, 3 Drops and one being a touchdown is TOUGH!!

*Outside receivers need to do more... Pickens needs to beat man coverage... Bennett rarely looks outside, so why not move Pickens into slot more?

*Unsure how Stokes gets the PI call on the ball in the endzone and Pickens doesn't get the same call?

*Tipped ball at the goalline, this time its picked and a huge momentum swing for Bama. SBIV had someone underneath that probably would have given the Dawgs a 1st down...

*Dawgs trying to match offense fire power with Bama and cant do it... SBIV is set for 200-250 yards passing, Not 40 passing attempts.

*Where's McIntosh? Only 2 carries? Love his versatility in the matchup...

*Offensive Line is having a nice game. Gashing Runs up the middle, but time is ticking and UGA set to have to throw the ball more which is not ideal.

*J.T. Daniels get a look in the 4th qtr? SBIV is struggling and while I type this here is his worst throw of the night. INT to nothing but Bama jerseys.. That may be ball game...

*Interested to hear Monday's press conference. Got to know the JT Daniels question is coming for UK game...

*It's the Najee Harris show now. Defense is tired and looks to have a little give-up in them being down 17.

*Tale of 2 halfs... Again for Dawgs... UGA hasn't played a 4 qtr game all season.

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