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After Further Review - UGA/Florida

Dawgs could not get much going on offense. (Photo: Matt Stamey)

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*The 1st play from Scrimmage Zamir White goes 75-yards untouched for a touchdown. Great play design with motion as well as having both Milton and Zamir White in the backfield.

*Georgia playing tough man defense and forcing Florida receivers to beat them . Dawgs defense forces a 3 and out on the Gators first possession.

*The 2nd drive for the Bulldogs proved to be a nice mix of run and dump passes to Running backs. Cook should get 4-5 swing passes out of the backfield a game.

*The 2nd drive ends with a 32 yard touchdown pass to Marcus Rosemy-Saintjack that proved to be a costly one. Both Rosemy-Saintjack (Leg) and Stetson Bennett (Shoulder) were injured on the play.

*Gruesome injury for Marcus Rosemy-Saintjack who was starting to earn more playing time with the injury to George Pickens. Rosemy-Saintjack is likely out for the season and will probably need to have surgery on his lower leg.

*Bennett's injury is said to be an AC Joint in the Shoulder and possibly a separated shoulder. He tried to tough it out in the next possession but had to head to the locker room for more work. He would later return.

*Tyrique Stevenson was in position to intercept a Trask pass in the first quarter, but his legs got tangled with Kyle Pitts, and he fell down as Pitts caught the pass at the UGA 5, setting up the second Gators’ TD.

*Dawgs gained 136 total yards on the 1st two drives of the game. They would only gain 136 yards the rest of the game...

*Dawgs linebackers getting beat on wheel routes out of the backfield from Florida's running backs. Surprised not to see more of Quay Walker to help with the speed of the Florida backs.

*Dawgs really missing Richard Lecounte and Jordan Davis! Davis demands double teams on the line and Lecounte's ballhawk mentality are huge losses.

*Lost possessions: Dawgs had 4 Three and Out possessions to finish up the 1st half. Dawgs trying to match the firepower of Florida's offense and it proving the main topic of QUARTERBACK is an issue.

*Missed Opportunities: Dawgs got behind 31-21 in the 1st half but had chances for big chunk plays. John FitzPatrick dropped a wide open pass that would of resulted in a huge gain. The next play, Bennett overthrows Kearis Jackson on a deep throw that would of probably been a touchdown.

Other Missed Opportunities: Mark Webb Jr. had a sure interception for touchdown but was unable to reel it in. D'Wan Mathis missed Demetris Robertson on a deep ball that again would of resulted in a touchdown. If you are counting, thats 3 touchdowns...

*Punter Jake Camarda had 2 untimely shanks. One (23-yard punt) unfortunately coming right before halftime and giving the Gators an opportunity to score again before the half.

*The Gators took advantage of Jordan Davis and Julian Rochester missing in the middle. Dawgs were determined to stop the run and got stuck in play action passes while biting on the fakes. Gators RB Damien Pierce was effective enough (15 rushes, 52 yards) to keep Running an option.

*Sometimes good plays are made! Tyson Campbell had great defense on 2 pass plays in to the endzone and Both Pierce and Kyle Pitts made great catches. Not much better defense could of been played.

*Lewis Cine's huge hit against Kyle Pitts ended up with a targeting call and ultimately and ejection. Both Players seemed non-responsive and needed help off the field.

*Mathis relieved Stetson Bennett of his duties in the 2nd half but his results were similar. 4 of 13 for 37 yards and 2 interceptions.

*Dawgs again go away from the Run! Only 7 rushes for Zamir White, along with a time of possession of only 22 minutes is not a recipe for victory for how this team is currently constructed.

*Coach Kirby Smart has a big decision going forward. How do you rally this team to finish the season strong. The QB spot will be under heavy scrutiny the rest of the season. How CKS handles this will be interesting.

*DC Dan Lanning and CKS go back to the drawing board as 2 high powered offenses have knocked out the once dominant defense.

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