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After Further Review- UGA/UK...

UGA QB Stetson Bennett Looks to pass down field. (Photo by Mark Cornelison)

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*A sleepy start to the game with a 11:00am CT local kick. Gameplan looks obvious with the opening drive for the Dawgs is 12 straight runs...

*UGA's defensive gameplan looks to be keep everything in front of them and play it safe. Daring UK QB Joey Gatewood to throw it.

*Zamir White getting nice running lanes along with a good push from the offensive line which actually might be outweighed against the large UK defensive line.

*Both teams sleep walking through game. No rush by either offense. Like 2 teams pushing eachother back and forth...

*Love seeing Darnell Washington getting a look down field in an obvious size mismatch.

*Stetson Bennett's height is proving to be a consistent issue. Stares down receiver in the flat and when he decides to throw the ball is tipped and intercepted by UK defensive end. Bennett needs to find passing lanes if he is going to be behind center the rest of the season.

*The 2nd Int falls on both receiver (Rosemy-Jacksaint) and Bennett. Rosemy-Jacksaint cut off and actually just stopped the route. Bennett pumped and then post game stated he was trying to throw it away... Throw aways need to be in the stands, not to the sidelines....

*Milton Running hard for the Dawgs and got 8 total carries. Zamir is the bellcow for this game with 26 carries

*James Cook looks like he glides instead of runs...

*Ojulari is unreal off the edge. This is his last year as a dawg. enjoy him.

*Lots of fallen Dawgs: Ben Cleveland, Jordan Davis, Julian Rochester, Quay Walker, and Lewis Cine all had to be tended to and removed from the game. Davis and Rochester seem to be the biggest concerns for next week against Florida.

*Not too much concern with the defense giving up a 100 yard rusher. Gameplan was very vanilla and you can tell Dawgs thought they could just "show up" and win.

*Next week looks HUGE for both Florida and Georgia. Dawgs will need to get it together if they want to get an eventual rematch versus Alabama.

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