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At A 2nd Glance... UGA/ALABAMA

Each week the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*Great first series by the Bulldogs. Bobo used man in motion to get Bama linebacker Dallas Turner to cover slot, thus leaving middle open to attack along with not allowing him to rush passer.

*Bama able to attack zone coverage in the back half of the defense. Several times receviers and running back in the backfield were left open.

*Obvious the plan for Bama was to attack freshman linebackers Raylen Wilson and CJ Allen. Many times they were left as spy and needed to cover the running back in pass protection.

*After first series, Bama switched defense and went into 2 high safety look. which limited Bowers and didn't allow for deep shots.

*Bama was able to stop ground game of Dawgs and get just enough pressure with front four on Beck.

*The Alabama 95 yard drive to end the first half was a back breaker. Air deflated out of the Stadium on the 4th and 4 conversion which should of been reviewed.

*Bama quickly ran in to no huddle and got the bulldogs out of position to score on next play

*A reverse on the inside of your 20 yard line is a questionable call... The miscue and ultimate fumble was a killer.

*Defense stepped up big time in 2nd half. The stand after the fumble was HUGE to leave it to a field goal.

*Several calls seemed to go Bama's way: Horsecaller on Sorey, the 4th and 4 catch that was never reviewed, and the 3 and short non-holding call on Sorey were critical.

*Third down and short plays were too cute. Dawgs ran plays most fans haven't seen all year. Unable to get 1-2 yards left the Dawgs to punt one too many times.

*Bama Defensive line was too much once Left tackle Mims had to exit the game.

*Very surprised UGA didn't target Kool Aid Mckinstry's replacement once he went down with a leg injury. Having a hurt McConkey probably didn't help

*Game plan looked to be Kendall Milton's Style of game, Seems Dawgs thought Edwards was the go to0... #rd and 1, I prefer a bigger back to get that extra yard.

*False Start moving Field goal attempt from 45 to 50 yards was a back breaker.

*In 4th quarter with 2 in half minutes left, Bama motioned into an empty back field knowing, Everyone in the building knows Bama needs to run to kill clock. Milroe scampers for 30 yards and slides down. Ultimately the game clinching run.

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