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At a 2nd Glance - UGA/MISSOURI

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

* UGA's Offensive line got whipped up front. Tackles couldn't keep up with outside speed of ends and linebackers to give Stetson much time.

*Dawgs seem to finally get creative in the 4th quarter with the run play calling. Missouri stuffed the Bulldog run game for most of the night. Monken got creative with quick pitches and jet sweeps to get key 1st downs.

*Turnovers bite the Bulldogs again this week. On the 1st play of the 2nd drive for the Bulldogs, Kendall Milton looked to spark the offense with a Big 30+ yard run but the ball was knocked out from behind to turn the ball over. Later in the 1st half, Stetson and Daijun Edwards looked to have some issues in the RPO and the ball slipped out as Bennett was looking to pull the ball.

* 5 turnovers in the past 2 games is not ideal and needs to get cleaned up.

*Not enough can be said about Darnell Washington. He's a key cog in the run game and a devastating blocker. Made some big catches that seemed to give the offense a pick-me-up.

*The offense really misses AD Mitchell and Kirby said so after the game. He demands attention on the outside and right now defense's are leaving wide receivers in Man defense as they like that match up.

*Ringo seems to struggle to get his head around in man coverage. Ringo gave up a few big plays tonight. 3rd and 17.... cant result in PI 1st downs. Still unsure why the defensive call isn't to play zone and keep everyone in front?

*Tate Ratledge seems to be struggling as of late. Don't be surprised to see some competition at the RG spot this week.

*Not enough can be said about Malaki Starks effort. 2 plays this week are game-winning types of plays. the chase down of the Mizzou running back to down him at the one proved to possibly be the game winning play. Also, He and the defensive back were beat on deep ball and he recovered to knock ball away, nearly intercepting it.

*Stetson had too many throws where he was off balanced. Unsure if its due to the pressure, but too many times he throwing off balance which has to be affecting some of these throws.

*UGA in the 4th Quarter: 15 carries for 108 yards. Monken/Smart seem to like Edwards as the "closer"

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