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Updated: Jan 3, 2019

The Day after each game the staff at Dawg News Daily takes a deeper look into the game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*At the start of the game it felt like Georgia wanted to"feel out" what Texas wanted to accomplish on Offense.

* Ehlinger is a lot bigger than at 1st glance... at 6'3 and almost 240lbs, it makes it very difficult for a thin defensive line to get stops.

* Feels like Texas ran 3-4 plays all game and the middle of UGA's defense didnt have an answer. Easy to see why defensive line was such a focus this recruiting cycle.

* The time off was evident... UGA's tackling was an example of that! Richard Lecounte needs to learn to wrap up. He seems to always want to blow up the ball-carrier instead of just making the sure tackle.

*Speaking of being off, The offensive rhythm was off all night. Fromm would make the throw and the receivers would drop the ball... but mostly, it was Fromm. several times he would get the right protection and he would overthrow several which what would be big momentum changing plays.

* Jake Camarda handled a low snap and his knee on the ground negated a 60 yard punt. The review showed Camarda's knee which ended up being a 14 yard loss on 4th down putting the Longhorns on UGA's 27 yard line.

*Defense held up and held Texas to a Field Goal.

*On the next series, UGA would run it twice up the middle against a Run Blitzing Texas defense and then a pass to Swift who was an saftey outlet for Fromm and resulted in a 3 yard loss... Camarda shanked a punt for 11 yards... yes, 11 yards!

*UGA forces a punt but gets pinned deep in their own territory. Down 10, it seemed like the perfect time to get a drive going for UGA... D'Andre Swift, who was off all night, fumbled on UGA's own 12. Three plays later and UGA is down 17 points.

*Watching how Texas used Ehlinger really makes us wish it was the same way UGA treated Fields. Those type of designed runs outside are perfect for his size and speed.

*Brian Herrien ran tough and was an added spark to a lackluster night on offense. He ran bigger and much harder than his size. Should of gotten more than the four carries he received. He did catch the 1st touchdown in what was a nice play call by Chaney.

*D'Andre Walker and Jordan Davis missing this game was huge! Davis would of been a nice run stuffer, while Walker would of been ideal to shadow Ehlinger who was a threat to run every time a play broke down...

*UGA played 8 freshman on defense. True Freshman Divaad Wilson played in his 1st game of the season and got 65 snaps on defense. While Azeez Ojulari previously played a total of 11 snaps all season... It felt Kirby was making a point, If you show up in practice then you will play. These two got mentioned after bowl practices plenty by the coaching staff.

*Future is very bright at UGA. Especially the Run game, with the offensive line recruiting and the youth on defense.

*UGA got down and the youth showed up and the leadership the 2017 team had was needed... With 3 starters out on defense and a few juniors on offense thinking about their NFL status, it made for a distracted and uninspired night for the Dawgs.

* Unsure why Georgia doesn't go more uptempo? Fromm looks very good in the uptempo/2 minute type offense. Georgia's last 2 touchdowns were results of getting the Texas defense off balance and in bad matchups.

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