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At A 2nd Glance... UGA vs. GT

Photo: Radi Nabulsi

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

* Great Environment for senior day! When celebrating the Seniors before the game, its amazing how many or should I say how many arent currently contributing this year.

*But the Seniors on this team have stepped up and been leaders. Ledbetter, Godwin, Walker, and others have assumed the role that Coach Kirby Smart was looking for.

*It was apparent in the opening drive that UGA was going to be hard to stop on Saturday. Georgia mixed the run/pass very well and eventually punched it in with a 5 yard pass to Riley Ridley.

*UGA's defense was ready for the challenge against Tech's Truiple option. Malik Herring, Jonathan Ledbetter, and D'Andre Walker stopped any thing going to the outside.

*UGA's sideline to sideline speed was apparent. The future looks bright as far as speed. Adam Anderson, Walter Grant, and Channing Tindall all thrive in getting to the outside and limiting those yards.

*This offense is so different with a healthy D'Andre Swift. Swift had a 30 yard run that almost resulted in a touchdown before being pushed out at the 2 yard line. Swift went on to 104 yards and a touchdown.

*Holyfield looked to get a little dinged up on his 1st carry and was good to see him come back in the game. The running tandem of Swift and Holyfield will be needed going forward against stiffer competition.

*Jake Fromm has been ELITE since the LSU debacle. Going through his reads, spreading the ball around, and putting the offense in winning plays.

*Tyler Simmons if you recall was a flip from Alabama in the recruiting process, has stepped up to be a big time threat in the passing game and Kirby loves his run blocking.

*TE Issac Nauta has been a nice option in the 2 minute offense. Although, at the end of the 1st half Kirby got all over him for staying in bounds instead of getting out. This resulted in a timeout and Nauta a spot on the sidelines.

*Surprising to see Justin Fields not get any time in the 1st half .With a great showing against UMASS, fans thought you might see a little more of him.

*UGA giving up a kickoff return was surprising. Dawgs special teams haven't gotten a lot of reps throughout the season with Rodrigo Blankenship making the majority of his kicks touchbacks.

*At 21-7, IT seemed Coach Paul Johnson knew it was going to be a tough task to stop the bulldogs on offesnse. He went for it on 4th and 6 on their own 44 yard line. Georgia stopped them and the game was seemingly over with over 9 minutes left in just the 2nd qtr.

*On the next play, Fromm found Mecole Hardman deep for a 44 yard touchdown. An absolute mismatch with Hardman being covered by a linebacker. At 28-7, This was the nail n the coffin for GT and their run-only offense.

*Georgia had over 340 total yards in the 1st half and ended the game with 285 yards rushing. More impressing was the UGA defense holding Tech to only 128 rushing yards. GT averaged over 350+ yards rushing coming into the contest.


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