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At A 2nd Glance - UGA vs. LSU

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*D'Andre Swift was/is injured and limited. Brian Herrien get s the start in the backfield. The Bulldogs needed 20+ carries from swift to win this game

*UGA came out with an aggressive game plan. targeting receivers downfield. But unfortunately on the opening drive, Simmons dropped the 1st pass of the game which would of been a big chunk play. Landers caught a deep pass but was out of bounds and then Fromm missed Robertson who was open in the middle of the field and would of scored.

*Unsure we agree with the aggressive apporach. No doubt the dawgs need to score points but when you've been a ball control team for 12 games, unsure its wise to change game plan in your biggest game of the year?

*Surprised to see Lewis Cine earn a starting spot. Has played limited time, but kid flys to the ball and can hit.

*Burrow's pass being blocked at the line and then he catches it and runs for a 16 yard gain. These are fluke plays UGA couldn't afford to have happen.

*D.J. Daniel seems to be the defensive back teams have picked on this season.

*UGA plays a dime/nickel package on LSU's opening touchdown. Burrow had 8-10 seconds before throwing the TD. Monty Rice was in "spy mode" and rushed too late. UGA coaches seem to be nervous of Burow's scrambling ability.

*If Swift is too injured to take hits running the ball, why have him out there? decoy?

*Fromm missed a wide open Dominick Blaylock that would of been a first down and more...

*Rodrigo Blankenship will go down as a fan-favorite and will be missed next season... but He's missed some kicks in important games! (Both Alabama games, South Carolina, LSU x 2)

*Dawgs have recruited well... but have missed on Wide Receivers... Blount, Webb, Kearis Jackson, Landers, and Simmons... Now look around the SEC and do a comparison.

*Hate to see Dominick Blaylock go down. Came in worked hard and earned minutes! Hope he's available at the beginning of next season!

*Whats going on with this field? Now Tyrique Stevenson is injured. Coaches love him and his skills flash off the screen. We hope he's ok and available for next season.

*Too many field goals...

*Fromm going down showed Dawg fans whats behind him... Stetson Bennett isnt ready to come in to the SEC Championship

*Whatever they gave Fromm in that tent, Give me some!

*How many blitzes has UGA had being just one or two steps late...

*The Dawgs demesne had too many chances to hold LSU to minimal gains but couldn't wrap up or finish and the plays would end up in 1st downs.

*Confused the decision not to run the ball and play 5-7 yards at a time... Chunk plays are important ,but controlling the clock and keeping your defense fresh is just as important.

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