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Can Jake Fromm improve from 2017 season?

Updated: May 24, 2018

Jake Fromm is in danger of losing his starting QB job... Ok, take a deep breath! From his performances in spring practices, Jake is in no danger of losing his starting job. This team responds to him! Just like it did in 2017 when Jake showed up in the spring and pushed the returning freshman Jacob Eason for the job.

Sources tell Dawg News Daily, No way was Kirby going into the 2017 season with another freshman QB. The Eason experience proved to be an up and down year with more valleys then peaks! But when Eason went down in the 1st qtr of the Appalachain state game, the rest was history. Jake Fromm came in cool and confident and led the team to a 31-10 victory. He led the team into Notre Dame and grew up right in front of the nation's eyes.Week in and week out, Jake got better and better and Jim Chaney gave him more and more to work with in the playbook. We all know how the season ended. A Freshman QB led the Georgia Bulldogs to an OT loss to Alabama. Jake's 2017 season stats were pretty staggering for a freshmen, espcecailly one who was thrusted into the position. 2615 yds, 24 TD with 7 INT. But whats next for Jake Fromm? How can he get better? The one thing Jake has going for him is the HUGE offensive line returning! Every starter returns with only Isiah Wynn heading to the NFL. The projected strating line average weight is 329lbs. Thats alot of protection for Jake to pick defenses apart. The returning WR core will be the best group of receivers in years. Terry Godwin, Riley Ridley, and Mecole Hardman make a dynamic trio of pass catchers that can stretch the field as well astake a 5yd slant to the house! Tight ends Issac Nauta and Charlie Woerner will also benefit from the talent at wide receivers. More zone covereage from defenese means less blacking for TE and more route packages. Did you think you would read an article about UGA and not hear about running backs? D'andre Swift and a stable of studs will fill the role Nick Chubb and Sony Michel played the last 4 years. Are they going to come in and make you forget about them...NO! But they are a talented backfield and have the best Offensive Line UGA has had in years. Expect UGA to Run the ball in 2018 and expect Jake Fromm to benefit from it!

DAWG NEWS DAILY 2018 STAT PREDICTION:Jake Fromm- 65% - Comp %, 3300 yds , 30 TDS, 7 INT

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