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Coach Smart, Bulldogs Preview South Carolina

ATHENS, Ga. -- University of Georgia head coach Kirby Smart and select players offered the following comments leading up to Saturday's SEC home opener against South Carolina at 7:00 p.m. ET. Coach Smart sat in on the SEC's weekly teleconference call, while players met with media.

Head Coach Kirby Smart

On his team and the SEC opener this Saturday…

"We decided to have a night game at home against South Carolina to open up the SEC East. It's always a different kind of environment to play at night at home. Our guys are excited and every time you play an SEC game you know and expect it to be extremely physical. We're looking forward to playing this game."

On what this week has been like for Will Muschamp…

"He is a pro at professionalism. He's been in this situation before since he's been all over the SEC. He was the head coach at Florida, then ended up at Auburn after that he was at South Carolina and went up against both of those programs. So it's not new to him for sure, I know he will handle it well."

#4 James Cook | Sr. | RB

On the struggle with the running game…

"You know we just mentally prepared ourselves this week. Continue running in practice this week. Just reading out reads and hitting the hole and just things like that. We worked on it a lot. We should be pretty efficient this year"

On his relationship with Daijuan Edwards and Arian Smith…

"No doubt, I mean I just tell them that you can do it and don't be afraid to do what you need to do. I mean, they are missing, so in the future I feel those guys are going to be really great for Georgia. And like everything that they do they take to the knee, they take it to the field, so I mean it is going to be really good and ready, probably."

On improving the run game

"I mean, just fixing the little things that we did wrong in the game on Saturday, all the little things that we could have gotten right, we are just fixing those and trying to fine tune everything. So I mean, things should be pretty good on Saturday."

#69 Jamaree Salyer | Sr. | OL

"Oh yeah Brock is a horse. Brock can run, with people normally that can run, they are pretty explosive. So, he is an explosive blocker. Really good at maintaining angles and just a really good guy to double team with and stuff. But yeah man, Brock is a gifted athlete. And he showed that last week and I am sure he will continue to show it."

On the running game…

"Here at university, running the ball is--we always have a sense of urgency about that, whether it's good or bad. We always take things with the week. You know for us, I think the run game is kind of a detailed thing. I don't think it is effort thing, I don't it's a maybe even a personnel thing, I think it is just the details, you know, the fine details, the finishing this block, but going this direction. So yeah, it's always a sense of urgency here because that is what this program is being founded on to stay at. But yeah, we take great pride in our offensive line and defensive line of play and being able to run the ball and stop the run. So yeah, we really want to get those things corrected and you know, get back to being the team that we want."

On tackle and guard

"That is a tough one. It is weird I was really great as a guard coming out of high school, but it's weird you know, me being 6'3, 6'4 and having a body frame, I would have never predicted that I play tackle in college, even though I played in my senior of high school. I am not really sure which one I am better at, I take pride in being the best I can be at both, and even at center too. So, yeah it is kind of hard and kind of a hard question to ask, but like I said I embrace the challenge every day and I try to be the best I can at either one of them and try not to measure them. More so, I just analyze and get better at both."

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