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Coach Smart Names Starting Quarterback

Athens, GA- After Georgia's second scrimmage of the fall, Coach Smart felt comfortable announcing Carson Beck would be the starting Quarterback to begin the 2023-24 Season. Although the starting nod has been announced, Smart mentioned there is still a battle for the backup role. Below is what Coach Smart shared during the media session after the scrimmage.

Smart on the quarterback position…

“Last year, Stetson (Bennett) was our starting quarterback. Carson Beck is going to be our starting quarterback. He’s done the best job. We communicated that earlier in the week to the other quarterbacks and we’ve kind of been operating that way. The other guys have done a tremendous job in terms of competing and they’re going to continue to do that. We haven’t set anything in terms of who the second quarterback is or how those reps are going to be divvied up. Carson is ahead of the other guys in terms of what he understands about the offense. I’ll be honest with you; I was really impressed with the other two quarterbacks throughout camp and how far they’ve come in terms of improvement. Coach Bobo has done a great job with those guys and they both made a lot of plays with their feet and done some good things. Carson has been in this offense for a year over one of them and two years over Gunner (Stockton) and he’s just ahead. He’ll be our starting quarterback. As far as the other guys, I’m excited to see those guys hopefully have an opportunity to play, compete, they’ll be able to go with the ones here in the next two weeks some and get more reps and figure out if we even have a two, who that’s going to be and how that’s going to go forward.”

Kirby Smart on how Carson Beck has handled things since getting the news he will be starting…

“It hasn’t changed much. He understood. He got a pretty good volume of those reps anyway. He’s done well prior to knowing that, and he’s done well post-knowing that. And to be honest, both Gunner and Brock have, too. They’ve done a tremendous job of growing and continuing to put the offense in positions to be successful and make explosive plays. They’ve all done a good job of that.”

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