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Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Tom Crean has been a social media darling since his arrival to Athens... How does this help the UGA basketball program?

from the moment Crean landed he has been full energy!
Steffenie Burns - UGA

Tom Crean's social media take over began the day he was hired! Getting off the plane at Athens-Ben Epps Airport, Crean greeted fans with GO DAWGS and "Hey why don't we take a picture?" That day forward was like a where's waldo book. Crean wanted Athens to know he was there!

Tom Crean is arriving in Athens, GA knowing the elephant on campus is Football! Always has been and always will be! So what Crean has shown in his short time here in Athens is comparable to a grassroots political campaign. Crean has taken campus tours (that are made for incoming freshman), went to the student center to get his UGA ID card, and he also made the rounds at G-Day.

But How does this transition to victories at Georgia? Coach Mark Fox was well liked by everyone. Heck, he even donned the spikes in the student section at a football game. But at the end of the day, making 2 NCAA tournament's in 10 years aren't enough to keep your job. Crean has a tough job ahead of him! The decomitment of 5-Star PG Ashton Hagans and top 50 SF Elias King, along with top assistant Jonas Hayes leaving for Xavier began a bumpy road for Crean.

But recently, you are starting to see a swell of visits to Athens from top recruits in the state and nation visit campus. Dan Mcdonald from Rivals reports the list of players below have visited just in the month of June.


Anthony Edwards- SG Class of 2020, Nation's no.11 prospect

BJ BOSTON- Wing Class of 2020, Nation's no. 19 prospect

Christian Brown-SF Class of 2019, 5-star Prospect

Dwon Odom-PG Class of 2020, Nation's no. 52 prospect

Jaden Harris- G Class of 2022, Top prospect out of GA

Jaden Walker-PG Class of 2020, Nation's no. 95 prospect

Jamaine Mann- SF Class of 2020, Nations no 81 prospect(Former Dawg Charles Mann's brother)

Crean may not see instant success on the court this fall/winter! But expect his grassroots campaign to build saomething of substance!

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