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Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*Fromm seemed to be timid to throw the deep ball at times. One time he took a sack and another he decided to try a dump off to Holyfield who couldn't handle the pass. *Fromm will need to trust his wide receivers more in 1-on-1 situations later in the year.*Hard to critique Fromm too much, Had an 82% completion percentage and had 3 TD passes.*Offensive Line looked a little blah today. There were 2 holding calls and 2 sacks given up in the 1st half. The undersized defense of MTSU seemed to get more pressure on the O-line than they should of..*Fromm fumbled in the endzone which UGA luckily fell on around the 2 yard line. It should of been called a safety as the MTSU defender had grabbed Fromm and stood him up which seemed like long enough for the referee to blow the play dead.*Fromm did a great job last year in getting the ball out quickly. He will need to improve his pocket awareness.*D'Andre Swift only got 4 carries in the 1st qtr and was later on seen on the sidelines without his helmet... As if he was being held out due to possible Concussion symptoms? something to keep an eye on. Smart said after the game that he was just fine.*Speaking of Running Backs, Elijah Holyfield seems to be making a push for RB-1 status. Holyfield ran hard and had 8 caries for 100 yards. A career high!*Mecole Hardman is proving each Saturday that he may be the best player on the field. Hardman finally broke a 70 yard punt return for a touchdown. He was very close numerous times in 2017.*The Punt TD came after Coach Kirby Smart got onto both Hardman and Crumpton for letting the ball bounce and roll several yards thus losing better field position.*Hardman is starting to get a little Heisman buzz after his 1st 3 weeks of play. Hardman has 12 catches for 187 yards and 4 total touchdowns*Defense seemed to step up when it needed to. Hard to get a lot of pressure on MTSU QB as they get the ball out so fast.*Lots of huge Chunk plays (15+ or more yards). None bigger than the Jet Sweep touchdown by Tyler Simmons (was onsides).*4 different UGA players got their 1st touchdowns of their career on Saturday. (Fields, Simmons, Holloman, Stanley)
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