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Phot: AJC/Curtis Compton

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

* Its amazing how similar Elijah Holyfield and Nick Chubb's running styles are! Noticed it during the game on Saturday, but it really stood out again when we re-watched the game.

* Amazing the transition Rodrigo Blankenship's kickoffs have made since his freshman year. Could barely reach the goal line and now almost putting them in the stands.

* Deandre Baker is a great defensive back! But what a bone head play dropping the ball on the goal line. Thank goodness the referees didnt catch it and better yet Juwan Taylor did...

*Richard Lecounte was all over the place! Made big hits in both the running game and the passing game. There was a reviewed pass interception that Lecounte was tip toeing the sidelines. Review ended up calling it a incomplete pass. But Lecounte's ballhawk skills were on display. Kirby has to be happy where the current safety position is with JR Reed and Richard Lecounte.

*South Carolina came out either over hyped or the moment was a little too big for them. Dropped passes and the rushed plays put the Gamecocks in a 14-0 hole in the first 4 minutes of the game.

*Tyler Simmons (was onsides) has really found a place on this team. Very physical blocker and seems sure handed over the middle for Fromm.

*Tyler Clark was a one man wrecking crew! South Carolina was held to 54 yards rushing. Clark was a disrupter in the run game all day!

*Tyson Campbell is a great DB. To start for the #3 team in the country as a true freshman you have to be pretty darn good... BUT, he was targeted on both South Carolina touchdowns. The 1st one was a trick play with a running back throwing for a touchdown.

* The Jake Fromm interception was very uncharacteristic from him. It looked like Simmons broke off the route, but still not something you see from the typically efficient QB. Fromm took credit for the miscue after the game.

*Credit to UGA's defense for forcing a 4 and out on the next drive to stop Carolina from gaining any momentum.

*Fromm missed a wide open Riley Ridley at the end of the 1st qtr. It seemed as if Fromm already knew where he was going with the ball before the play started. The ball ended up going to the flat to Mecole and he got drilled.

*Carolina did a good job of getting the ball out quickly to avoid pressure on QB Jake Bentley. But there were alot of times during the game where UGA struggled getting pressure. Something they will need to do against teams like Missouri.

* The running back rotation seemed to be pretty even. Herrien, Swift, Cook, and Holyfield had around 10 carries a piece. 3 of the RB's scored on Saturday.

*Woerner got absolutely blown up on a bull rush and Fromm got sacked for a big loss. A quiet day for the tight ends.

*Andrew Thomas went out with an ankle injury but true freshman Cade Mays slipped off #42 and went to #77 and played great at left tackle. No status update on Thomas' injury.

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