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G-Day Observations: Thoughts on Georgia's Spring game

Updated: May 24, 2018


-Due to construction, The Dawg Walk led team through the crowd came to enter the field. Very personal for the fans. Turned out great!

-Kirby has done a great job keeping recruits right in the middle of the action. The sidelines are packed with a mix of recruits and former players.

-Hype Videos from last season are just unreal. Kudos to UGA's Video Production Team!

-Kirby mentioned he would not use the Alabama game as motivation this year, but there were many moments during the pre-game that would show it hasn't left this teams memory!

-Kirby knows the passion of the fan base and he uses it to convey to his team the importance of getting better.

-82,184 in attendance today. G-day gets bigger and bigger and bigger!

Photo credit: Kiewert, DND


-Fromm looked to be in control despite throwing 2 bad picks. He could of easily thrown 2 more.

-Justin Fields is as advertised! He's a cross between Cam Newton (size) and Deshaun watson (speed, agility, arm).

-Fields will be playing in the Fall!

-Swift was out today with a groin injury. Kirby said in post game they did not plan to run the ball much today (both teams combined for 40 rushes). So no they don't have a run game problem!

-No Matter the QB UGA has a TON of options at Wide Recevier! Holloman, Landers, Kearis Jackson will all push for playing time.

-Landers is long!!! Had a great 13 yd TD.. .Fields throw couldn't be much better either!

Photo Credit: Athens Banner Herald


-Kirby has a vision and 1 scrimmage is not going to change his mind.

-Defense will miss the 2017 leadership, but there are some studs out there! Richard Lecounte and Monty Rice will be special!

-Its just a scrimmage,.. But the talent on both sides stands out. Defense backfield looks like a bunch of ball hawks that can thump you too!

- Team has off until June 1st when off-season workouts begin and the incoming freshman arrive, which means more talent/competition.

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