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Updated: Oct 29, 2018

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*Georgia started off its first drive with all plays except one being run play. Florida is poor against the run and UGA was going to take advantage of it.

*Florida was able to run the ball against Georgia, but the defense limited big runs.

*Malik Herring stood out on the replay of the game. With a thin Defensive line group, Herring was able to create pressure and make tackles in the backfield.

*Fromm is so good in the hurry up / 2 minute offense. Surprising Chaney and company don't play hurry up a little more often.

*I think Isaac Nauta likes the hurry up offense as well! caught 4 balls in a row to get them down field in a hurry.

*Jeremiah Holloman wasn't on the travel team last year against Florida, patience and hard work pay off as he is now a starter on this team and has formed a good relationship with Fromm. Kid gets better each week.

* Rodrigo Blankenship was 3/3 on his Field Goal attempts. A little disappointing is his longest kick was 22 yards, meaning UGA couldn't convert in the redzone.

*Good to have Tyrique McGee back in the lineup. He intercepted a poorly thrown Franks ball but also is a sure tackler in open space.

*Florida had 2 turnovers in the 1st quarter and UGA only got 3 points out of it.

*All of Georgia's touchdowns came on 3rd down... UGA was 8/14 on 3rd downs

*Andrew Thomas just seems to be a magnet for being rolled up on. This is his 3rd game of being taken out of the game. He was able to come back into the game but something I'm sure the training staff will keep an eye on.

*Jake Carmada averaged 43 yards per punt. Not great, but better from his previous weeks. He did have one dud of a kick but made up for it with a 57 booming kick.

*Who would of thought Florida would be the one bringing in the backup QB (Emory Jones) and allowing him to throw it downfield?

*BTW, I could see Emory Jones being he starter next year for the Gators. Will be good in Mullen's system.

*Nice answer by the bulldogs in the 3rd qtr. Florida scored in 3 plays on the 1st drive of the 2nd half. The bulldogs came back and had a nice 3 minute drive to re-take the lead.

*Florida DE Jabari Zuniga no. 92 had a good game. was a key defender in the goal line stance for the gators and seemed to give Isaiah Wilson trouble.

*After sneaking Jake Fromm up the middle 3 times, wouldnt it be a good time to bring Fields and his extra length and weight for the sneak?

*Offensive line did a good job if giving Jake Fromm time. Only sacked once on a perfectly timed blitz. Other than that, Fromm felt the pressure and got the ball out quick.

*Monty Rice had a strong game with 11 total tackles. Seemed to be in the middle of every tackle pile.

*The combination of Holyfield and Swift is very reminiscent of Chubb and Michel. Both complement each others running styles.

*Swift looks to be healthy after battling an ankle injury this season. A few runs today, especially the 33 yard touchdown to ice the game.

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