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Georgia Football Players Come Together to Form "Athens NIL Club"

Photo: UGA Sports Communication

Athens, GA- Seventy-Five plus Georgia Football players have come together to create a player led NIL Collective. Athens NIL club or ANC is a player-led fan community that benefits members of the Georgia football team. Through the Athens NIL Club, these members of the team provide fans with digital content and experiences such as digital meet-and-greets, player-recorded content, and much more throughout the year. The ANC generates revenue through fans subscribing to the club. A monthly commitment of any amount allows fans to join the NIL Club and access ANC-exclusive chat rooms, message boards, and content.

So How does it work?

Current Georgia Football players use their social platforms to promote ANC and they participate in digital events such as meet-and-greets, Q&As, and interviews. The players also create and distribute exclusive content for club members. The players have teamed up with YOKE, a complete membership platform that provides business tools for athletes to launch a paywalled community, to ensure the digital experiences are executed properly. All players are invited to participate in the club and proceeds are split equally amongst the actively participating athletes.


To join the ANC, you can subscribe by making a monthly commitment to the club. Commit to what you can. You can receive a free jersey for committing at least $25 per month but any commitment grants you complete access to the online community and digital experiences with the team. Every dollar counts and every fan matters.

Is there a minimum or maximum commitment amount allowed? Due to some of the fees associated with payment processing and website-hosting, the minimum commitment amount is $5 per month. ANC hopes to get this even lower in the near future. There is no maximum commitment amount at this time.

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