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Mitchell and Milton Talk Season Opener and Touchdowns

Georgia running back Kendall Milton (2) rushes for yardage against Oregon in the 2022 Chick-fil-a Kickoff Game played September 3rd in Atlanta, GA, at Mercedes-Benz Stadium. Photo credit Perry McIntyre.

ATHENS, Ga. — University of Georgia junior tailback Kendall Milton and sophomore receiver AD Mitchell met with media after practice Wednesday evening and offered the following comments regarding the Oregon game and preparation for the home opener against Samford.

#2 Kendall Milton | Junior | RB

On his confidence contributing in the passing game…

"I would say that I’m very comfortable. We had a big off-season working with quarterbacks. All the running backs really, just trying to put ourselves in a position to get comfortable in that game. At the end of the day, we want to be a force in the different aspects of the game I’m super comfortable with that aspect. I’m super excited that we can open up the offense in multiple dimensions.”

On finding the endzone after battling injuries in previous seasons…

“It was really great, but at the same time during the whole process, my teammates stayed in my ear. They told me that they were going to stay with me. I was doing all the rehab, in the training room and everything that I needed to do to get back on the field as soon as possible.

My teammates had my back the whole time. It made the process really easy to come back from.

On how it felt to score twice…

“It felt great, to be honest, but at the end of the day if you look back on the plays it was really about the key blocks made, especially on the pass. Arik Gilbert and Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint… Plays like that, they kind of set up and open up the holes that allow me to be able to get in the endzone. After the endzone, I made sure I got right back to my teammates… Slapped them on the helmet and thanked them because at the end of the day, especially at running back, we can’t do anything unless everything else works itself out.”

#5 AD Mitchell | Sophomore | WR

On what is so attractive about Coach Monken’s offense...

“Just the way we do things. Coach Monken always preaches doing it better, we focus on the details, and we learn our role”

On the skill players priding themselves on being able to line up anywhere...

“We look at the signal and when we get the signal, we know it's go time. We know what to do. We’re all in this position because the coaches put us there. It all comes down to execution.”

On his reaction to getting the play call that led to his touchdown...

“I got the signal, and it was a fade route. Stetson and I have been putting in work on those over the offseason and during fall camp. It was just a play that we practiced multiple times.”

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