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Observations from Fan Day, Practice #2

Is the QB battle a real thing?

Quick Observations from Saturday's Fan Day/Practice #2:

* This wasn't a light practice just to show the crowd the basics. Everything was high intensity and Kirby was right in the middle of it all.

*Quay Walker #25 looks the part! Very fast and was attacking ball carriers in one-on-one drills.

*James Cook #6 looks great in space. Reminds us a little of Isiah McKenzie but Cook is 5-11, 190. He will be great on passing downs and we wouldn't be surprised to see him in the slot.

*Zamir (Zeus) White looks as advertised! Very fast and great size. Had to take a double take on one drill as he looked just like Todd Gurley! They wear the same number after all.

*Zamir White, Justin Fields, and Jeremiah Holloman were taking 2nd string snaps together. Most schools in america would love to have them as their starters! This unit looked very good today.

*Brenton Cox- How is he only a freshman? Cox showed out in a "chase down" drill. The drill intended the defensive lineman to turn and run after ball carriers. Cox will be a major contributor this fall.

*Fields' throws just look effortless. In an 11-on-11 drill, Fields had pinpoint accuracy wooing the crowd. He and Jeremiah Holloman seemed to have a little connection there today.

West Endzone project looks fantastic.

*Fans got their 1st look at the West endzone expansion. I'm not including G-day since it was under major construction at the time.

*The recruiting deck will be a great feature for guests and the tunnel will be super loud when the team is taking the field.


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