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OPINION: Why AD Mitchell Entering Transfer Portal is Ok...

Athens, GA- The news broke yesterday that UGA Wide Receiver will enter his name into the Transfer Portal. Years past, there would be sirens going off in Dawgnation. "The Sky is falling!" "What is going on in Athens?" "This all about Money!"

The reasoning behind the move is currently unknown. Some mention being closer to family and Mitchell's Kid. Some mention more touches, or even the dreaded NIL dollars.

Whatever the case is, The University of Georgia will be fine.

Lets go back to just 1 year ago, Wide Receiver Jermaine Burton left UGA for Alabama. Burton was looking for more targets and to play in an offense that was (at the time) more pass friendly. Burton's last season at UGA (2021) cultivated in 26 catches for 497 yards and 3 Touchdowns. In Burton's 1st season at Alabama, He was able to corral 40 catches for 677 yards and 7 touchdowns. Burton seemingly accomplished his goal of more touches, but Alabama fell short of making the playoffs. Georgia won the National Title with and without Burton.

Back to AD Mitchell, He is no doubt a Wide Receiver #1. Unfortunately in 2022, Mitchell caught the Injury Bug with a high ankle sprain on the 1st play of the 2nd game of the season. Mitchell saw little time towards the end of the year but made big plays when it counted. Where ever he chooses to transfer and for whatever reason, he will be successful.

No doubt Kirby Smart saw this coming. This past season Coach Smart boasted on not taking any kids out of the transfer portal. This season is different. With the departures of Kearis Jackson, AD Mitchell, and Dominick Blaylock. Coach Smart moved quickly and snatched Mississippi State transfer Rara Thomas (878 yds, 12 TD) and Missouri Transfer Dominic Lovett (1019 yds, 3 TD). Both are big time players that will help fill the loss of Mitchell and relieve some nervous Dawg fans.

Dawgnation should send Mitchell off with a huge thanks and best of luck! This is a New Era of College Football. Players are looking at all options and not just possibly going for a 3rd national title. Mitchell scored some of the biggest touchdown’s in UGA history during his 2 years at Georgia. We wish him at Dawg News Daily nothing but the best.

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