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We got the chance to talk with the University of Georgia's all-time leading receiver Terrence Edwards. We discussed his playing days at UGA, his thoughts on the teams current wide receivers, and what he's up to nowadays.

Terrence Edwards is the only 1,000 yard receiver in UGA history (photo: getty images)

Q: Terrence, Thanks for the time... Describe your time at UGA?

TE: "I loved my time at Georgia! I met my wife in Athens and played for 2 great coaches... I can honestly say I bleed RED & BLACK!"

Q: How was it playing for Coach Donnan and then moving onto Coach Richt?

TE: I honestly enjoyed playing for both of them! I actually still talk with both of them a good bit. The transition didn't affect me much... It helped me become the only 1000 yard (single -season) receiver in Georgia's history!

Q: That's Surprising to us! With all the great receivers that have played for UGA, Why hasn't Georgia had any more 1,000 yard receivers?

TE: That's a good question! AJ Green would of surpassed it if he wasn't out for those 4 games (suspension). Tavarres King was pretty close... But someone soon will come and accomplish it!"

Q: So what are your thoughts on the 2018 UGA Receivers?

TE: This is a great group of receivers. May be the best we've had in a while...

Terry Godwin- He was put on this earth to be a receiver! He has the best hands of the group and is the leader of the group.

Mecole Hardman- He had some drops early in 2017, but really came on as the season went on. He's a big time athlete that is dangerous in space.

Riley Ridley- He has the biggest job of any of them (other receviers) this year! I talked with him this spring and he seems to have the midset of just being consistent! He wants to show he can do it every Saturday what he did in the national title game (6 catches, 82 yards).

Q: Everyone is all hyped up about recruiting nowadays, Tell us a little bit about your recruitment?

TE: I actually played Quarterback in high school. UGA recruited me as a wide receiver and Auburn recruited me for Quarterback. My lead recruiter from Auburn was Jimbo Fisher, who was the QB coach at the time. My older brother played for Georgia so it just made sense. Plus, my future was at receiver. I think it worked out!

Q: We hear stories all the time with recruits begin offered things for their commitment, Did anyone ever offer you or hear of anyone?

TE: I can 100% say No one ever offered me anything! Maybe I played in the wrong era? Only promise to me was being able to play QB at Auburn! Players just didn't talk about that kind of stuff in the locker room.

Q: So after UGA you played 9 years in the CFL, How did a South Georgia boy handle Canada?

TE: The CFL is a different game! But I learned a lot! You know the Grey Cup (CFL's Super Bowl) ends around Thanksgiving so once it started getting really cold, I was already back home.

Q: So now that your playing days are over, Are you keeping up with the team?

TE: I'm a super fan! I love the sport, love the university and bleed red & black! I watch all the games and even read the papers, blogs, etc. I'm all in!

Q: So whats UGA's All-time leading receiver up to now?

TE: I started the TE WR Academy about 4 years ago to help middle school kids all the way up to professionals work on their technique, routes, breaks, etc. My time is done, its time for me to give back. I'm also the JV Head Coach & Varsity receivers coach at Pace Academy.

204 career catches, 3,000+ career receiving yards, and 30 career touchdowns! All University of Georgia records. I guess you could say Terrence Edwards knows a little bit about catching the football! Bulldog Fans! Like it or not, Terrence Edwards is currently the greatest receiver in Georgia Bulldog history and a DAMN. GOOD. DAWG!

What a career! Thanks to Terrence Edwards for his time and all the excitement he provided on the football field! Check out his TE WR Academy.

@TEdwards82 on Twitter

@TEwidereceiver on Facebook.


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