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Quick Hits on the Bulldogs SEC Media Day

Don't Expect Fields to Redshirt...

A reporter asked Kirby Smart how he manages a QB Room of Jacob Eason, Jake Fromm, and Justin Fields?

"Yeah," he said. "If we had all three of them, we'd be sitting pretty good. Eason is gone. He transferred.

"With our situation, we have two quarterbacks that are both really talented guys. I am really excited about watching these two guys come out and lead our program and lead their units. They both have grown. They've both done a tremendous job of embracing that role, not only in the locker room, but out in the field in spring practice. And I think Jake and Justin are tremendous assets for our program."

Kirby knows the talented freshman he has in the waiting. He wants to make sure he's ready when sent in to the and not just play him because he's talented. Fromm's success in 2017 was because how prepared he was.

Red Shirt Rule benefit the dawgs?

Smart said he manages his players progression based on if they can help the team. Not if they are going to be contributors in year 1 versus year 5. The team of Coaches huddled when the redshirt rule came down and discussed they will move forward evaluating players and their playing time based on how it benefits the team.

Alabama, Alabama, Alabama questions

The Bulldogs heard many different versions of “how much did the title game loss to Alabama sting?” question throughout the media session. The players handled it well and even said it drove them through the spring/summer to prepare to try and get back to the championship game. Godwin mentioned, "We've moved on from it and focused on this year."

Kirby isn't a fan of Fortnite!

Kirby was asked about Jake Fromm's broken left hand and he's a big believer in college kids being college kids! He's just glad he was out socializing and not at home playing Fortnite.

“We’re acting like this is a big deal, but it’s only a big deal because you know about it,” Smart said. “Things like this happen all the time that you don’t know about. We had guys with broken arms and broken feet and broken wrists and broken hands in the summer, and nobody knew about it. I think it’s great that he goes out and does those things. I think it’s awesome, because it means he’s not sitting at home playing Fortnite all day. He’s socializing, he’s going out, he’s doing things.”

During an interview with Aaron Murray, Murray remembered going into his senor season that he sprained his ankle playing pickup soccer during the summer. Smart gave him a zinger and said... "Be glad I wasn't your coach!"


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