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Updated: Jun 28, 2018

NCAA has revised a few rules. One will allow players to redshirt after playing up to 4-games.

Imagine if we could see Knowshon Moreno for 4 games his freshman season?

Close your eyes and go back to 2006. Matthew Stafford was a freshman. The Tailback depth chart was stud (but often injured) Kregg Lumpkin and Danny Ware. Both showed glimpses of potential but were just missing something?

Now jump ahead just one season, Danny Ware and Kregg Lumpkin are both gone. Lumpkin's eligibility is up and in a suprise move Danny Ware turned pro. Maybe Danny knew something... A young Thomas Brown had shown he has what it takes to be a 3-down back in the SEC, but there was also a kid on the scout squad that was creating a lot of noise and giving the defense fits. His name was Knowshon Moreno.

Stafford's freshman season (9-4) would of been a little bit different if he were turning around and handing it off to a future 1st-rd running back. But Richt seemed he wanted to hold off on Moreno's talents since he already had a solid stable of backs. But imagine the benefit he would of gotten just to get a peek at Moreno in live action?

This is what is about to happen for Kirby Smart and the 2018-19 Bulldogs! Last week the NCAA revised rules on transfer and redshirt eligibility. First, student athletes who choose to transfer can do so without any restrictions from their former school. For redshirts, the new rules allow players to play snaps in up to four games while still taking a redshirt.

We'll talk about the Transfer change later, But the redshirt rule is so beneficial for the young Dawgs in Athens! Kirby can take a chance on true freshman during blowout games. The likes of Cade Mayes (who we believe will play anyway), Jamaree Sayler (once again we think he plays), linebacker Quay Walker and DB Chris Smith are all players that would give Coach Smart a nice feel for how the youngsters can handle the live action.

Smart already had to deal with "burning" a redhshit his 1st season. Solomon Kindley had to come in due to injury and played one play against Missouri. Smart had already been teetering with playing Kindley, but obviously preferred to holdoff. The NCAA ultimately granted a redshirt season to Kindley, but during the heat of the game it was something Kirby was willing to do... Win at all cost!

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