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Updated: Jul 18, 2018

Kirby Smart tune did not change from last year's SEC Media Days. The expectation on last year's team was to win the SEC East, win the SEC, and win the National Championship. Well, the Bulldogs accomplished all but one of those goals!

Photo- AJC

Smart said on Tuesday, Nothing has really changed in Athens. "Last year, the media voted us to win the East and make it to the SEC championship game. That expectation for us has not changed, he said. “We don’t run from pressure. Pressure is a privilege,” he said. "We’ve earned the right to have pressure on our program.”

This is a little different from what Dawg fans were used to hearing back in the 70's and 80's. Coach Vince Dooley mastered "Whoa is me" routine. You would here Dooley praising other teams Kickoff Return team or the rope-a-dope, I just hope we know where the stadium is.

Smart had a pretty simple answer when asked about the expectations for the upcoming season, his talented, but young roster, and how to get it all to mesh.

“We look at it as potential versus effectiveness,” Smart said. “What is our potential which is the dormant ability or our effectiveness which is what we get out of our players. We’re constantly trying to get the most out of them. This year will be measured by how effective we are tactically, mentally and physically. We’ve got to do the best job we have ever done preparing this group for that.”


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