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Stock Report: Who's Up / Who's Down - FALL CAMP

Athens, GA- The back to back national champion Bulldogs are under 10 days till they kickoff the season. With news leaking out from camps and press conferences, the media and fans are beginning to get news on who is turning heads in camp. Below we've given a stock report on who's been rising and fighting for playing time and some position groups or players are areas for possible concern. One thing is for sure, Talent is a plenty in Athens these days!



Kirby Smart made it official on Saturday. Carson Beck will begin the 2023 season as Georgia’s starter and that has been expected for quite some time. Vandagriff and Stockton will continue battling for the back-up responsibilities and both have come a long way this preseason. Both could be just one snap away from game action. Expect all 3 to see time in the beginning of the season.

Here is what Coach Smart said about both Vandgriff/Stockton-

“They both have made plays. They’ve made plays with their feet. They’ve both made good checks today. They have made good decisions. I have complete confidence that we can win football games with both of those guys. Carson is just ahead of them. I want to continue to grow those guys because they are like sponges. They’re soaking it up, they’re getting it. They understand it. They know where to go with the ball, and they’ve done some good things. It’s the few plays when things break down or a guy doesn’t do that right thing with them – the offensive player doesn’t do the right thing and panic mode hits. They have to learn to give up on a play sometimes and not try to make it spectacular and play for the next down.”

Dominic Lovett / Mekhi Mews:

Lovett has dealt with some drops during camp but had a strong second scrimmage this past Saturday. Every time we talk with our contacts in Athens, Lovett's name comes up. One described him as "a bigger, stronger Isaiah McKenzie."

Mews continues to be one to take advantage of the time opportunity given. Fans got to see a taste of it during the G-Day Scrimmage. Expect to see Mews on the field early on for the Dawgs.

Here's what Smart said about both Mews and Lovett

“They are more similar than they are different. They both have redeeming qualities and quickness. Getting the ball and making touches, so that they are not physically imposing blockers. They both are willing blockers, and they are both really tough. They’ll stick their face in there. You’re not going to be in our program or repping our practices if you’re not willing to go block somebody or play on the special teams. Both those guys have bought in the special teams and the blocking when don’t have the ball. When they do have the ball, they have made some good plays. We have to find a way to utilize each of their skillsets. They complement each other in terms of keeping each other fresh. The other guys, Anthony Evans, who has played in the slot and he’s different from those guys, he’s made some plays. I’m very pleased with where they are and we’re going to continue to get more out of those guys.”


Running Back Group:

This group just can't get healthy. Branson Robinson, Kendall Milton, and Andrew Paul have all had to sit out at some point in Fall camp due to injury or recovery. Daijuan Edwards and Cash Jones have been the 2 backs that have been getting most of the reps. Dawgs will need this position to mend quickly as they head into SEC play. Paul made some nice plays in the second scrimmage this past Saturday. Smart believes Milton is close to a return and we could see him when the season begins. News broke on Wednesday, that Branson Robinson will miss the season with a knee injury. A once thin group, gets thinner.

Cornerback (Opposite of Kamari Lassiter):

Coach Smart has been waiting for someone to "take" this position. Smart is in no hurry to decide on one defensive back to play. Instead, he’s willing to rotate through all the options until one takes it.

“They’re continuing to battle it out. There’s no reason to make a decision. We’ve had competitive practices Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday. We’ll go next week, and if nobody shows that they’re that guy, then we will play multiple guys until we figure it out,” Smart said. “We are waiting for somebody to take it.”

Not the ideal approach to have when you’ve got 10 days before your season opener but UGA has talent competing for the job

Nyland Green is the veteran of the group. Green redshirted in his first year on campus before seeing the field in 10 of 15 games last season.

Daylen Everette got the most playing time of the group last season. The highly rated recruit out of IMG Academy played in 14 of 15 games and totaled 13 tackles last season.

Redshirt Freshman Julian Humphrey looks to be the third competitor for the spot. Humphrey only saw the action in three games last season. He looks to of made a move in fall camp to put himself in the thick of things for a starting spot. In fact, Humphrey got first crack at the spot on Saturday in the team’s second scrimmage.

Each of the three brings something a little bit different to the table. With varying levels of length, speed and physicality, Expect to see this battle to go on through the season and may just change due to who they are lining up against that week. It wouldn’t be the first time Georgia under Smart has rolled with a rotation of corners.


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