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Updated: Oct 15, 2018

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*UGA struggled with protection in this game and got away from the North-South Run game that proved to be working for them with Holyfield.

*Our guess is The Dawgs got down 16-0 and the coaches needed to throw more to catch back up.

* D'Andre Swift (12 for 72 yards) and Elijah Holyfield's (7 for 56 yards) stats show the run game was working a bit, but the limited # of carries leads us to some head scratching.

*The young offensive line got exposed. The speed of the LSU linebackers proved to give the Bulldogs problems all day. They were the more physical group.

*When Fromm had time, he saw a wide receiver core that struggled to get open. Fromm's mental clock seemed to run a little long as he waited to throw the ball or tried to force balls that were once open.

*Even on the flea-flicker, Fromm holds the ball a little too long. If he fires the ball out, he hits Robertson in stride for a touchdown. instead, The ball is poorly thrown and bobbled out of bounds.

*The fake field goal didn't make a lot of sense for numerous reasons. 1) The left side of the defensive line was stacked. 2) when on the road a team should take the points early and settle in. Save a fake for a later time. 3) 4th and 9 is a tough gain on a fake. 4) with only a 3-0 lead for LSU, it gave the tigers and the home crowd momentum

*UGA was held to a lot of 3rd and longs. Fromm came into the game ranked fourth nationally in passing efficiency but struggled going 5-for-16 for 47 yards in the first half and finished 16-for-34 for 209 yards with 1 TD and 2 INTs.

*Unsure if its the play call or Fromm's choice, but the bulldogs seem to go for the deep pass in 3rd in long situations instead of just moving the chains.

*Speaking of 3rd and long, Fromm overthrew Hardman in the 1st quarter which would of been a touchdown as Hardman had his man beat.

*UGA's defense did a good job of limiting the LSU tigers to field goals in the game. Although the defense line struggled on the short yardage 4th and 1's, it did have several red zone stops that led to field goals.

*3 key plays in the game that ended up dooming their chances... 1) Fromm taking the sack on 3rd and long and taking the bulldogs out of FG range. If he throws it away, the bulldogs are only one score away after the assumed made field goal.

*2) Fromm's INT from his own endzone. Hardman may of been able to get that ball but as it seemed all day the Tigers just wanted it more. Running the Ball in stead of 3 straight passes from their own 3 put pressure on Fromm. The defense held them to a field goal but it was close to sealing the game.

3) Mecole Hardman's Fumble on the kickoff return. Hardman may not run that ball out of the endzone if the game was closer but with time winding down he chose to bring it out and make a play. After hitting the initial defender, Hardman was stripped and gives the Tigers great filed position and essentially the game.

*Jake Carmada can boot the ball.... But he had a bad day on Saturday. Expect this position to get some review over the bye week.

*The Justin Fields inserts for one play absolutely baffle me. If he is going to be put in the game, The coaching staff should make some easy pass calls for him to show the option of a pass. Jake Fromm earned a lot of trust last year with this staff, but if Fields is going to come in and play, They need to show their trust in him and allow him to utilize all hes capable of.

*We were surprised to not see more players in motion pre-snap. Help get some space for players like Mecole, Godwin, and possibly James Cook.

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