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UGA/South Carolina... At a 2nd Glance

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

*Georgia continues to come out flat and instead of attacking the defense, they choose to let the defense dictate their play calling

*Runs on 1st and 2nd downs, continue to put Georgia in unfavorable 3rd down situations.

*Georgia's play calling looks to be missing edge attacking runs. These are plays UGA utilized back in Kirby's first year with an under-manned O-line. Just because the Offensive line is better, they shouldn't get away from this

*James Cook is under-utilized... that is all

*No offense to Brian Herrien, we are actually fans! But his absence against South Carolina shouldn't be a story.

*Coming into the season, we fully expected Swift to catch a ton of balls out of the backfield... Had a nice screen early in the game but they need to look to him for more dump off passes...

*With 5:36 left in the 2nd qtr, Georgia had the ball on the Carolina's 38 yard line. UGA has a 4th & 6, and they throw a deep sideline route to Demetris Robertson who was unable to beat man coverage. The Dawgs turn over the ball on loss of downs. Why go deep here when the Dawgs need is 6 yards?

*With Cager struggling with a separated shoulder and Fromm's Go-To receiver shelved, UGA struggled in man-to-man coverage.

*Tyler Simmons will forever be remembered as a man onsides during the 2017 national championship game... not as a receiver.

*George Pickens needs to learn the playbook fast! With Cager quite possibly missing a game or two, Pickens will be leaned on heavily! Had a nice game with 7 catches and 98 yards. UGA needs more!

*The Jumbo package on offense is showing Georgia's hand... It tells teams we are obviously running it. One time, The Dawgs ran the ball to the opposite side of the bunch formation? Are we trying to trick people now? Spread out and use the 5 future draft picks to block!

*Fromm is human. He knows and Smart knows he should of never forced the pass that ended up as an INT for TD. Afterwards, Smart sprinted down the sideline to meet Fromm and pat him on the helmet. Unlikely throw from him. In the postgame press conference, Kirby said Jake was trying to throw the ball away but did not get enough air under it.


*Is James Coley responsible for the play-calling or does Kirby have his hand in the offensive play-calling Jar?

*Fromm fumbling the snap inside the 30 yard line while UGA is driving was a big thud that was heard all through the stadiums groans.

*Zeus ran hard, but would love to see him get a toss sweep and see if a defensive back would even try to tackle him head on! I understand using him as a hammer but South Carolina wasn't having it up the middle!

*Matt Landers doesn't seem like an ideal option and the INT might be on him for not running the route properly... But is he playing if Cager isn't hurt?

*Play-Calling is something that is in question... But why the Bulldogs don't let Rodrigo kick the FG at the end of regulation on 3rd down is a head scratcher! The Bulldogs end up getting a motion penalty backing the bulldogs 10 more yards and Kirby decides to try a hail-mary instead of kicking a 61 yard field goal.

*I get the hesitation of kicking the long field goal with having one already blocked and being apart of KICK-6, but I'd rather try to kick to win the game instead of kicking to tie...

*Speaking of Interceptions, Tyler Simmons is responsible for the Overtime INT. Didn't watch the ball in to his hands. This turnover could and should of ended the game but USC failed to make their field goal attempt

*Kirby mentioned this in his press conference, but its worth repeating. If you turn the ball over 4 times and don't force any turnovers, its hard to win any game.


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