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UGA/VANDY.... At a 2nd Glance

Each Sunday the staff at Dawg News Daily rewatches Saturday's game and offers tidbits and views we might not of caught during the live action.

* UGA came out looking a little sluggish again. UGA's 1st couple drives seem vanilla in terms of play calling. Fromm seemed to know where he was going on a lot of throws before the ball was snapped.

* The field goal by Vanderbilt in the 1st quarter put the 'Dores up 3-0. This is the 1st time UGA has trailed all year.

*The lead didn't last long! One play later, Fromm's deep ball to Godwin was on the money for a 75 yard touchdown. Highlights kept showing Fromm's throw, but Godwin's moves to fight off 2 defenders and find the endzone was most impressive. Great to see Godwin back in action.

*UGA's Run defense seems to be a little bit of a question mark. Vandy ran a lot of zone read plays which confused an over zealous bunch of defenders who were flying to the ball. Vandy tallied 138 rushing yards for the game and something I'm sure will be addressed this week before the trip to Baton Rouge.

* The touchdown run by Elijah Holyfield is a testament to what this offense can do when Justin Fields is in the game. The defense has to respect the run by Fields, so the RPO formation is always there. The defense chose to watch Fields as he handed the ball to Holyfield. Elijah galloped about 20 yards before diving another 4 yards for the touchdown.

*Holyfield has really come along way since his freshman year. He seems to get better and better each game.

*Georgia's offense and particularly Jake Fromm, look so good in the 2 minute "hurry up offense". Fromm led the team down the field one quick strike after another, finding tight ends and other receivers along the way.

*The drive was capped off by a tip and catch by Riley Ridley. Heck of a grab, but if the Vandy defender is a couple steps closer the tip could of landed in his lap.

*Georgia showed they can score in a hurry with scoring drives of drives that took 15 seconds, 1:04, 1:30, 2:46 and 3:15.

*CKS would prefer to have a little more ball control then what showed Saturday night. In the 1st half, Vanderbilt had the ball for 19:47 of the 1st 30 minutes. This will make a defense weary.

* The 1st score in the 2nd half is what make D'Andre Swift so dynamic. Fromm found Swift in the flat and Swift did the rest with his shiftiness and speed going 35 yards for the score. We'd love to see Swift more involved in the passing game.

*Rodrigo Blankenship is becoming a legend between the hedges! Blankenship booted a 53 yard field goal in the 3rd quarter and adding a 2nd kick later in the quarter. The crowd went crazy. Not sure there are many better in the country than him.

* Freshman Jordan Davis made a big impact on the defensive line. Julian Rochester left the game a little gimpy and big Jordan Davis filled in for him. Davis made a pivotal stop on a 4th and 1 deep in UGA territory. His size and strength is what made him a big target for the bulldogs last recruiting class.

*The 3rd quarter seems to be when UGA pulls away from their opponents. Unsure what Kirby says to the team or what adjustments are made but yet again the bulldogs defense clamped down on the commodores limiting them to only 21 yards.

*What seemed to be a strength for the bulldogs, the Offensive line is starting to have to reach to its depths for players. Solomon Kindley got rolled up on and may be out for a while. Justin Shaffer was first in... Expect to see Jamaree Salyer to get a look as he was playing the guard position in the 4th quarter. The announcers even called out his play calling him a mauler.

* With a total of 13 penalties for 115 yards, the Bulldogs will be working on some self discipline this week. The officials seemed to be very involved in the game. Vandy was called for several illegal formations through out the night.

*Dawgnation has very high expectations for this team, but in the postgame interview CKS seemed to be disappointed in the teams effort tonight. This is a very young team and has yet to find their groove.

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