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Where Does the Wide Receiver Group Stand after Injuries and Gilbert's Absence...

Both Kearis Jackson (10) and Jermaine Burton (7) were absent in the teams first scrimmage Saturday.

What was once perceived on paper the strangest group on the offensive side of the ball is now a depleted one...

Head Coach Kirby Smart met with the media via Zoom Saturday afternoon and offered the following comments regarding Saturday’s scrimmage and updated the Media on a few noticeable absent members on offense.

On Arik Gilbert…
"Arik is dealing with some personal issues. We love him. We are thinking about him. We are trying to help him. When you think about a medical staff like Ron Courson has, he has so much experience in dealing with these issues. Our thoughts and prayers are with him as he is dealing with these personal issues, and we hope to get him back soon."

LSU Transfer Arik Gilbert is currently away from the team.

On the status of Jermaine Burton and Kearis Jackson…
"Jermaine got a sprained ankle in either the first or second practice. It was just a sprained ankle, and it was a tough one for him. He has worked hard. He has been in rehab. He is running in a straight line, he is cutting, he is doing walkthroughs, and he is getting all of the reps. He has just not been able to go 100%. Kearis, as you are aware of, we made a decision to scope his knee a while back. We knew it would be slow coming back into camp, but Kearis is doing things. He did 7-on-7. He is catching punts. He is out there going in a black shirt. We will work with him more this week, and we hope to do the same with Jermaine. He should be back with a quick turnover."

With Three projected starters missing the teams 1st Scrimmage, Where do the Bulldogs go from here?

From Head Coach Kirby Smarts Comments, It seems Jermaine Burton will be back soon from his sprained ankle. Kearis Jackson still hasn't been cleared for contact. Pending his progress, I'm not sure how fast he will be pushed along.

Arik Gilbert is another conversation. Gilbert initially looked to be a perfect "replacement" when George Pickens went down with an ACL injury this Spring. Gilbert being away for "Personal Reasons" does not leave a timetable for his return. Now that Gilbert is away from the team, Who fills that role?

One name we have heard is looking strong in practice is Marcus Rosemy-Jacksaint. As you may recall, Rosemy-Jacksaint is coming off a gruesome leg injury from the Florida game last season. Rosemy-Jacksaint was making significant strides last season before the injury and had cracked the starting lineup!

When will Dawg Fans see Dominick Blaylock Again?

Another name that is yet cleared is former freshman standout Dominick Blaylock who is receiving from an ACL injury he suffered in the fall of 2020. The Dawgs believe he should be able to see some field time this season.


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